We're on a mission

 We want to help people overcome insomnia and live healthier, more productive lives. Our background and experience allows us to fill the gap where health meets performance, integrating work and personal lives, working on one and simultaneously improving the other. Lack of sleep has a detrimental impact on health and optimal function. Through CBT-I and coaching we work with our clients as a whole person to restore sleep quality and optimal daytime function to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Our Team

We're experienced executive coaches and Integrative Health Coaches, trained at Duke Integrative Medicine Center. Our goal is to help clients restore their sleep quality to enhance their life, health, performance and productivity.


Heather Moster, NBC-HWC

Heather Moster

Along with the process, I bring you my experience as a certified coach, where I partner with clients to assess their current behaviors, establish goals, and take action to meet those goals. I believe that when we sleep better, we live better.

As a leadership development coach and strategic advisor, I've seen firsthand how problems with sleep impact performance and well-being.  As a scientist, I am excited to bring a an evidence-based, proven process that addresses the root causes of sleep issues, not just the symptoms, and provides you with a long-term solution.


Lynn is a leadership development consultant and integrative health coach who works with individuals, teams and organizations to achieve sustainable behavior change for peak performance and optimal health.

She helps clients find a meaningful and enduring path to realize their goals and aspirations and become the best version of themselves. Her clients often find their developmental journey bears the unexpected but welcome benefit of improvement in other areas of their life.